Friday, June 03, 2005

Bar Time

Nothing is worse than having to watch a Brewers game simultaneously with a Cubs game. After our horrible softball outing, we headed to the bar to drink our sorrows away. Unfortunately, the majority of our clan wanted to watch the friggin' Cubs. Most of the Cub fans are some of my closest friends, but I was ready to come to blows with them because they would not keep quiet. They insisted on rubbing it in that the Cubs swept the Dodgers earlier in the week, that they were able to beat the Padres last night, and that Neifi Perez is the team MVP behind only Derrek Lee. And for the record, Neifi Perez's career stats are as follows: .269 batting average, .301 on base, .380 slugging, resulting in a putrid .681 OPS. Enjoy the production now, because Perez is the epitome of sucktitude and will come crashing down shortly.


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