Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Bill Hall Experiment

It appears as if Bill Hall's role with the 2005 Crew will be in an even more expanded role than it was with the 2004 Crew. It appears to me as if Hall will take over Keith Ginter's role as the "super sub" who can play three infield positions plus dabble a little bit in the outfield if needed in a pinch. At the same time last year, it was Ginter who was trying to learn on the fly how to play the corner outfield positions. We all saw how that turned out -- not too good to say the least. Hopefully Hall can make the adjustment better than Ginter did a year ago. Hall is definitely much more athletic, as well as quicker than Ginter was. With that being said, it appears as if the Brewers will break camp with only four outfielders, with McGruder being the lone reserve. 3TO will also be able to man a corner position if needed as well. However, I do not care for the idea of Billy Hall being given more at bats either. Hall's bat and Ginter's bat are not even close in comparison. Outside of McGruder, there isn't really much of an option since all indications are that Dave Krynzel will be sent down to Nashville.


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