Friday, June 03, 2005

More Cubs Crap

After reading around a little bit, I stumbled upon this further detailing just how bad Neifi Perez actually is. From Aaron Gleeman over at The Hardball Times:

Lost in the Cubs' sixth straight victory Wednesday night was the fact that the top of their lineup against the Dodgers looked like this:

1) Neifi Perez, SS
2) Enrique Wilson, 3B

Normally I would mock such a thing, what with Neifi Perez and Enrique Wilson being two of the worst hitters of this era and all. However, a) the Cubs won, b) Neifi is somehow hitting .315/.342/.475 this season, and c) he and Wilson combined to go 5-for-10 with three RBIs and four runs scored in the game.

And just so you don't think I was joking around with the whole "two of the worst hitters of this era" thing, here are top 10 "leaders" for worst Offensive Winning Percentage among active players with at least 1,500 career plate appearances heading into this season:

Juan Castro .235
Rey Ordonez .252
Henry Blanco .262
Mike Matheny .280
Abraham Nunez .291
Mike DiFelice .298
Luis Lopez .302
Einar Diaz .310

The funny (sad?) thing is that the Cubs also have third-ranked Henry Blanco on the roster, and had second-ranked Rey Ordonez on the team for a while last season. Of course, I probably shouldn't laugh -- my favorite team is playing top-ranked Juan Castro every day and frequently batting him second in the order.


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