Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Potential Doug Melvin moves....

My feeling on the whole "LF or 3B" option is this. I think with Milwaukee playing to a smaller market and hence having a lower payroll, you have to look towards the future more and gauge what you have with prospects coming up in the future through the minor league pipeline more than other big spending clubs like Boston & NY would. I know, tell me something I don't know.... But, the whole key is to have players ready to step in during pre-arby years who are basically dirt cheap which will allow the club to spend in other areas of need. This is why I really can't see Melvin acquiring a new, expensive 3B like Rolen. If you force Braun to LF, where does that leave Laporta who should be ready perhaps by spring training 2009? All you really would need is someone deemed a "professional hitter" for a year that can slide into a backup job for a year or so after that once Laporta is ready in case he does faulter early on. I guess my thinking is, if you get someone like Rolen and he's a complete bust or is injured 75% of his time in MIL, then what do you do? It's not as if you have a big time prospect that'll be able to fill in in his absence. I know Gamel is considered to be pretty good w/his stick, but you can't honestly say he's any better than Braun defensively at 3B. I know errors don't necessarily tell the whole story about someone's defense, but when a guy has 50-60 errors in a year, that's gotta say something! To me, it just makes too much sense not to go after a leftfielder for now instead of switching more people around defensively. This isn't a video game where you can just have Braun move to catcher or move to CF or whatever! Hope that rant made some sense!


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