Saturday, May 02, 2009

My night working

After the regular 8 to 5 job on Friday, I immediately headed over to my second job delivering pizzas for Toppers in Waukesha. I've come to the conclusion I'm not a big fan of working from 8am to 4am the next morning. We'll see how long that continues. But anyway, it got interesting around 2am.

The shift manager answered the phone and was asked if he'd deliver to 'such-and-such address' which was way too far out of our delivery zone. The customer proceeded to beg and plead his case to have his food delivered, but Justin wasn't having it. He just assumed it was some drunken idiot trying to get some food, nothing more. He told the customer the only way they'd get food was if they were to come in and pick it up at the store. After the customers decide to pick up the food, Justin asks around if any of us in the store knew who some guy named 'Manny' or 'Harder' who apparently plays for the Brewers. To which I immediately replied, "HELL YA!!!" I can't blame the guy for not knowing who they are, Justin just isn't a baseball fan, that's all. So I go to my car and search around for something for these guys to sign. I knew I had a pair of cleats that I didn't wear anymore that were still in good shape, so I dug those out. The hard part was finding something to write with. In a pure stroke of luck, my work bag also happened to double as my autograph bag while I was in Arizona for spring training this year. And since I came straight from my office job, I somehow managed to have a silver sharpie in my car! I wiped a little dust and dirt off the shoes and told the other big Brewers fan working at the time, AJ, that Manny Parra and J.J. Hardy were picking up food. He gave me his Brewers hat for them to sign too. When they came in, I was talking to each of them - and Brad Nelson too - and tried to explain to them that had anyone other than the person who answered the phone would have taken food to them in a heart beat. He just didn't know anything about baseball or the Brewers for that matter. I asked them if they'd sign a few things since another driver took off w/their order for some inexplicible reason. I gave them my spikes and Hardy says, "wow, these are nicer than mine!" and then proceeded to ask me who I played for. He was serious about that too. I told him I use 'em for softball now, but I did use to play w/one of his old teammates, Vinny Rottino in high school. I always find it a little shocking when I have the chance to stand right up next to a player and realize just how much bigger I am than the majority of them. Even Brad Nelson wasn't anywhere as close to as big as he seems on tv. And it always angers me when I notice this and think back to the high school days where I didn't lift a single weight to try and get stronger or end up blowing my back out. Otherwise, what could have been... a 6'4" left-handed pitcher!

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Blogger A.Guss said...

yep should've lifted a weight or two

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