Thursday, June 23, 2005

Softball Stats

I've played on three softball teams so far this year, excluding my intramural team at UW-La Crosse. I thought it would be cool to keep track of my stats for an entire summer for once in order to see how well, or pathetic I really am. After last night's game, I feel I need to gripe about something. What does a guy have to do to show that he does not deserve to hit in the bottom of the lineup?? The highest I've ever been this year, or any year for that matter, is sixth. I actually like the six hole because there are a ton of rbi's to be driven in, as was the case tonight (I had 5). I'm not saying that I should bat in spots 1 - 4 because I'm not the fastest guy in the world (picture Chad Moeller towing a piano), but I seem to think I have a little pop in my bat. By my count, I've gone deep 4 times so far. Excluding one guy, I can count on one finger the number of homeruns that were not hit by him or myself. Yet, when I get to the park for tonight's game, I'll find myself penciled in at the 11th spot and will most likely get just 2 at-bats because our team has only 4 or 5 consistent hitters who don't pop up. And what's even more frustrating is when you have no talent, ass clowns and rummies that show up with knee braces on both legs and in full uniform with wrist bands and all who can't even make contact with a pitch and cannot catch a ball thrown to them also batting in front of you. THAT pisses me off.

56 30 .536 1 .544 13 8 5 4 31 1.071 1.615


Blogger Cheesehead Craig said...

I've been fortunate enough to hit in the 5 or 6 spot most of the season. The 2 guys in front of me can go yard and can motor, so they clear the bases quite often. My RBI's have been limited as well. I've been keeping track of my stats as well, they are not as gaudy as yours, but you certainly deserve to hit higher in the lineup. Methinks you are a victim of the coach putting his buddies at the top.

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