Thursday, June 23, 2005

Top Prospect Grades

Since we are at the mid-way point for most of the minor league teams, I figured I would compile a list of the top prospects in the Brewers organization.  The players are listed in order of how highly they are regarded first, w/Weeks, Fielder, Hardy, etc. being at the top.  After each name, I have given them a grade which represents how well they have performed on their respective affiliates so far this season. 


  1. 2B Rickie Weeks A-
    • Lit the Pacific Coast League on fire, earned his call up, but has loads of improvement in order to become an adequate 2B defensively
  2. 1B Prince Fielder B+
    • Temporarily called up to Milwaukee after catching on fire with the bat in Nashville
  3. SS J.J. Hardy B-
    • Struggling to find an identity at the plate in Milwaukee while still providing his trademark D at shortstop
  4. CL Jose Capellan C
    • Walking too many and not striking out enough while working on two new pitchers equals a move to the bullpen
  5. CF Dave Krynzel C+
    • Striking out a lot and only 6 SB’s, average continues to plummet after a hot start but still plays well in the field
  6. RF Corey Hart B
    • Tearing the cover off the ball the last month to raise avg. over .280 instead of near the Chad Moeller-line
  7. RP Mike Adams B+
    • Didn’t deserve demotion to AAA, but continues to pitch well and looks to have regained his velocity
  8. SP Ben Hendrickson C
    • Still working out the kinks with new mechanics, yet to regain his form from last year while winning International League Pitcher of the Year honors
  9. RP Jorge de la Rosa B-
    • Not seeing regular work out of the ‘pen in Milwaukee doesn’t help when one naturally has control issues
  10. SP Mark Rogers B
    • Peripheral stats are extremely good and reports are that he has touched 99 on radar guns recently
  11. RP Justin Lehr B
    • Recently moved to starting rotation in AAA and has pitched very well, also opening eyes with his bat as well
  12. SP Dennis Sarfate A
    • Not sure what else he needs to prove in Huntsville; should be the first of the Big 3 to be called up to AAA
  13. SP Dana Eveland A
    • Pitching as well as Sarfate in Huntsville
  14. SP Manny Parra A
    • Pitching as well as both Sarfate and Eveland in Huntsville, completing the Big Three
  15. 2B Hernan Irribaren A
    • Named to the Futures Game, is tearing up Sally League pitching, but has recorded 14 errors already at 2B
  16. RF Nelson Cruz A
    • Also named to the Futures Game, sporting a nifty .969 OPS, but is striking out too much and is knocking on the door for a call-up to Nashville
  17. LF Brad Nelson B-
    • Cooled off after hot start, but appears to have drastically increased his plate discipline by taking a walk every 6.6 AB’s
  18. 3B Ryan Braun DNQ
    • #1 pick will begin in Helena and move to either West Virginia or Brevard County after several weeks.
  19. SP Yo Gallardo A
    • Striking out 1 per inning is a good indicator of future success
  20. RP Jeff Bennett B
    • Performing about as expected in Nashville in a setup/closer role
  21. C Lou Palmisano C
    • Appears to have hit a wall in A+ offensively, but is not striking out at such a high rate as last year
  22. C Angel Salome DNQ
    • Went 3 – 5 with a homerun in his debut for Helena last night; expected to be the #1 catcher
  23. SP William Inman DNQ
    • Will will most likely begin the year with the Baby Brewers in Arizona
  24. SP Ryan Anderson A
    • Small sample alert, but the Lil’ Unit has 16 K’s in 9.2 innings while only allowing 1 walk; should be moved up to Huntsville shortly
  25. UT Vinny Rottino B-
    • Struggling to adjust to playing 3B and at Catcher while continuing his utility role; maintaining a rather pedestrian-like .713 OPS
  26. SP Josh Wahpepah B
    • K/BB ratio of 5:1 is certainly good, but no other numbers are truly dominant, but also are not horrible either
  27. CF Tony Gwynn, Jr. B+
    • TGJ is an on-base machine, not hitting for much power, but is stealing a lot of bases and playing solid defense
  28. CF Steve Moss B
    • Named an All Star for the Florida State League, is finally healthy and is putting up solid numbers for Brevard County
  29. SP Carlos Villanueva A
    • Starting pitcher in FSL All Star Game; 75 K’s in 58.1 innings and a WHIP of 0.86, but must learn to limit number of HR’s given up
  30. SP Ty Taubenheim A-
    • FSL All Star, also having a dominant pitching prospect turning heads in Brevard County
  31. SP Tim Dillard A-
    • See: Taubenheim, Ty
  32. SP Roque Mercedes DNQ
    • Highly touted Latin American signee will begin season with Helena
  33. SP Luis Pena C+
    • Been injured most of the year; stats were nothing special when healthy either
  34. SS Alcides Escobar B
    • The only other offensive force in WV besides Hurricane Hernan, but already has 21 errors at shortstop
  35. SP Mike Jones DNQ
    • Injured and will most likely miss the entire 2005 season
  36. 2B Callix Crabbe C-
    • Struggling mightily is an understatement
  37. SS Enrique Cruz B
    • .780 OPS, but has committed 21 errors at shortstop as well
  38. SP Jeff Housman C+
    • It might be time to start considering Jeff as a left-handed relief specialist from here on out; appears hitters have adjusted to Jeff at the plate
  39. 3B Adam Heether B
    • Injured for part of season, but playing good defense while serving as one of the offensive leaders at Brevard County – which isn’t saying much
  40. SP Glenn Woolard C-
    • Not performing like he did last year with Huntsville
  41. C John Vanden Berg C
  42. 2B Will Lewis B+
  43. SP Justin Barnes B
  44. CF Darren Ford DNQ
  45. 3B Matt Gamel DNQ
  46. 1B Grant Richardson D-
  47. LF Kennard Bibbs C
  48. LF Drew Anderson C+
  49. SP Josh Baker D+
  50. RP Mitch Stetter A
  51. RP Robbie Wooley C
  52. SP Ryan Costello B
  53. RP John Novinsky DNQ
  54. 2B Steve Sollmann C-
  55. OF Alexandre Periard DNQ
  56. RP Jerome Gamble C
  57. CF Charlie Fermaint DNQ
  58. CL Robert Hinton B+
  59. 1B Josh Brady D
  60. 1B Ben Diggins DNQ



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