Monday, June 06, 2005

Test Run

I went out to the Beloit Snappers game on Sunday because it was Dave Krynzel bobblehead day. Since they only give out 500, not 45,000 like they do at Miller Park, I wanted to see just how early I had to get there in order to make sure I received one. I called it a "test run" because along with myself, about 20 of my friends will be making the trip from all corners of the state down to Beloit again on July 31st for Vinny Rottino bobblehead day.

Game time was set for 2pm and we arrived around 11:30 in the morning after making the hour and a half drive from Racine. I didn't think about our plan too clearly, because we should have brought some folding chairs or a beach blanket or something to sit on as well as something to eat and/or drink. It got quite uncomfortable standing in the same freakin' spot until they opened the gates at 1.

Once the line began to move, I began to feel pretty glad to be able to actually move around again, but there were these 4 piece of shit teenagers who decided to cut right in back of me and my sister. They were literally the human version of pure trash with what they wore and how they talked. Everyone around us in line were pretty upset, to say the least about these individuals. I seriously did not even open my mouth until they were out of our sights because I knew that if I had said something, it would not have been pretty. I was absolutely fuming inside, but did not want to let my anger and emotions get the best of me. I also did not want to put my sister in any sort of danger either, but if I were with some of my other friends....let's just say I would have reacted differently. I've shown that I can fend for myself pretty well against one or two individuals, but the writing would have been on the wall if I went after four at once!


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