Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Meeting rumors swirling....

A lot of rumors have surfaced the past few days at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. There have been reports of Sheets being sent to the Dodgers for OF Matt Kemp & P Chad Billingsley. That wouldn't be a bad haul for one year of Sheets. Also a rumor that the Mariners are interested in him too. I'd think any return package would start with C Jeff Clement. The other two players on the Crew who have been discussed ad naseum are Chris Capuano & Bill Hall. Cappy has been linked to STL for Rolen and the Rox for relief pitcher Brian Fuentes. I think both deals make sense for all involved in some sort of capacity. Hall has been rumored to going just about anywhere for anyone - it's like the Brewers almost seem like they made a mistake signing him last winter to a long contract. Personally I don't feel that way, I just think he had a down year due to his ankle injury. Kevin Mench has also been discussed, and I could care less what happens to him. I think if he's not dealt this week, he'll be non-tendered.


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