Tuesday, March 29, 2005

2005 Milwaukee Brewers Preview

There is a nice in-depth article about the 2005 Brewers over at the Baseball Think Factory website. Go check it out.

Obviously there are a few things that didn't pan out since this article was written, such as Kieschnick being released, and Ben Hendrickson and Jose Capellan being sent down to Nashville. But this excerpt from the article made my jaw drop:

While Hardy hasn't put up jaw-dropping numbers just yet, he has steadily improved his power and strike zone judgment every year and at every level, doing just about everything well except hit for average. Over the last two years between Double-A and Triple-A he has hit for a slightly unlucky BABIP of .292, indicating that as he matures more of those flyballs may start going over the fence. I think he has a chance to be every bit as good as Miguel Tejada.


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