Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Canadian, eh?

So, it came as pretty much a shock to anyone to learn Eric Gagne decided to sign w/the Crew today, pending a physical. From what I can tell, Gagne and Scott Boras chose the Brewers more as a process of elimination, instead of having a handfull of teams bidding for his services. Gagne's camp turned down salary arbitration from the Red Sox earlier this week. If he'd accepted, his salary would have been around $5 Million, but he'd have been used as a set-up man. Having Boras as his agent, they both had to feel fairly confident that they could get at least more money for next year, otherwise he'd have accepted the arby as the M.O. of Boras clients is the next closest thing to extorting a team for the most dollars. Which brings up the amount of his 2008 reported salary: $10 Million. I would have thought somewhere in the 8-9 Million range would be enough, so I'm not too concerned about throwing in another million or so. Plus, some of it could be incentive laden, so it could even be less.


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