Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thanks a lot, Favre...

Today sucks. It really does. No way to sugar coat it. Brett Favre retires. I'm not sure if I'm more upset with myself for not being able to see one of his games live in person, or at Brett himself for not giving it another run. Either way, here's an email response that I just got:


rough day...funny how you can just take #4 for granted, but i guess we're in mr rodgers neighborhood now. yippee! i don't think that i've ever been in this sitution before: looking more forward to the next BREWERS season that i am the PACKERS! yikes.

you know what, though, i hate packers season ticket holders anyway. you can take all the tradition and shove it up every season ticket holders a$$. just because i'm not some in-bred green bay hillybilly who's family never left the city limits should not relegate me to putting my name down on the "waiting list" in hopes that my kid's kids will get the tickets. f'off. all of you.

sorry for the off-tangent rant. i've said my peace. have a nice day.


Frankly, that is one wierd response, but after re-reading it - it's pretty much dead on with how I feel too. Sigh.


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